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Our skin is the body’s largest and fastest-growing organ. It is our first line of defense against germs and toxic materials. It helps us stay warm when it’s cold, and cool when it’s hot. Gust of wind, smoke, traffic smog, dust etc. hits our face first. Our face defines much of our standard for who we are, our expressions on the face convey our emotions to the outside world and to the others we interact with.

Facial skin responds to care and attention. Taking care of our facial skin can revitalize the skin and keeps it healthier for longer periods of time. What we put on our skin is just as important as what we put in our bodies, it affects the well-being of our entire body.

Having sensitive skin explored us to find better ways to shave and take care of the facial skin.  Shaving with a can of foam and multi blade cartridges resulted in ingrown hairs, razor burns and redness.  Electric razors left a 3 pm stubble soon after the shave and that was not optimal.

Using a shaving soap and a brush, shaving becomes a life changing experience. From a chore it became an spa like experience for the face.


Using high quality ingredients, we developed formulations for facial skin care including shaving (pre and post-shave), beard and mustache care, cleansing and post shave care. We procure essential oils, aroma chemicals, resins, absolutes etc and come up with fragrances that cover the gamut of the fragrance genres such as fougeres, chypres, florals, gourmands etc.

We try to source our ingredients responsibly from sustainable sources. If the natural ingredient is prohibitive due to cost, regulations or from a practical standpoint, we use synthetically produced ingredient.  For example, ambergris is from whales and therefore we use the synthetic equivalent of ambergris.

Chemicals such as sulfates or detergents found in mass produced products are not in our formulations or the end products. The products are not tested on animals.  The oils in our soaps are fully saponified and no traces of the lye would remain in the final product. Glycerin produced naturally in the saponification process is not removed from the final product.


Proudly made in the USA

Shave soap, pre-shave oils, post-shave balms, after shave splashes and other grooming products made using high quality ingredients.  Chemical free. No animal testing. Great scents using essential oils, aroma molecules, resins, absolutes, hydrosols etc.

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