General warning about our products

Our products are meant for skin care and just like any other skin care product please do a test use of the product by applying it to the elbow and check for any adverse reaction before using the product on the face. All our products are for external use only and care should be taken not to get the product in the eyes or the mouth.  Do not drink our alcohol based products.

International shipping

Orders outside the Continental US goes through a manual review process for shipping costs and the customer will be contacted via email for the shipping costs and shipping time. Products containing alcohol will not be shipped outside the contiguous United States.  USPS or any other carrier does not allow shipping  products containing alcohol outside the contiguous United States.

Shipping for products containing alcohol

USPS policy mandates all products containing alcohol to be shipped via ground.  So if your order contains an alcohol based product expect shipping time to be between two to ten days in Continental US.