Up Next

Coming up in 2018

We are upgrading all our tallow formulations to tallow and donkey milk.  Starting off with Fougère Bouquet and Jamestown Gentleman.  Both the scents will be part of our regular production line up.  Available from Feb 22.


Single scent edition with Donkey Milk and Hops Extract

To be announced in March

Essential Oils only edition

To be announced in April

Father’s Day

To be announced in May/June


To be announced in October


To be announced in November

Name: Life of the Party

Due to plant closures, industrial accidents at manufacturer facilities , pollution clampdown in China  and a host of other events,  our suppliers are facing difficulties in getting certain aroma chemicals that are needed for the scent blend.  These are supply constraints that are affecting the fragrance industry in general.  We will announce plans for Life of the Party when all the components are available.

Date: TBD

Packaging update:

After Shave Toners — all toners will now contain 120 ml of the product in a 120 ml bottle. Prices would be updated to reflect the increase in volume.

Deodorants — In order for the active ingredients to be applied closer to the skin we are migrating the deodorant bottles to a roll on applicator.  Roll on would ensure the actives are applied closer to the skin and the hair in order for the actives to be more effective in fighting the odor producing bacteria.  The volume of the product in the container will be 3 fl.oz or roughly 89 ml in the full size of the product. Prices will be updated to reflect the reduction in volume of the deodorant.

Shaving Soaps — We are transitioning to PETG jars for all soaps. This is the same jar that was used for Special Edition runs.

Product names and release dates subject to change.